Welcome to Kinship Connections Aboriginal Corporation

Kinship Connections is an “award winning” initiative developed to facilitate healing amongst Aboriginal people, families and communities.

They are great supporters of “The Circle of Courage” model and weave this model through all their service deliveries within the Aboriginal community while working with families, young people and children.

Kinship Connections create and maintain an environment where all people are valued members of a community who come together to create a safe future.nadioc-2015

Kinship Connections has been in existence since 2013, and its worth was publicly recognised in 2015 when it received the NAIDOC Best Programme Award for “Who’s My Mob”.

  • It is rapidly becoming the first port of call for Aboriginal families whose children either have been, or are at risk of being apprehended – it is widely trusted by the Aboriginal community
  • It is valued by the Aboriginal community for its strengths-based and solution-focused approach to complex problems, and for its practical support.
  • Kinship Connections prides themselves in their commitment of investing in relationships.
  • Kinship Connections is compiling an unique database of Aboriginal family structures that is unparalleled in WA.  It is common knowledge that a great number of historical family records have been lost or destroyed over the years, and Kinship Connections has been working closely with community to design an updated database across five generations of Aboriginal families. 

Currently Kinship Connections is the only organisation in Australia dedicated to helping Aboriginal children transit out of State care successfully through reconnecting them with their extended family systems, and identifying safe family members who will support them through these difficult years.

This service could well be extended to Aboriginal children and young people coming to the attention of the Criminal Justice system, and requiring safe placements at short notice instead of being remanded in custody.


In 2016 Kinship Connection won the “Community Services” award given by the Belmont Shire during NAIDOC week.

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