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Nathan’s Story

“My message to other people wanting to stop using gunja is you need to have the right mindset. If you want something, you need to put your mind to it and reach out. It’s all up to you!”

Nathan Oakley is a descended from the Hawke family in Broome on his mothers side he is also connected to the Ward & Oakley families. Nathan  grew up with his mother who has been a devoted foster carer for the past 25 years growning up many children. Nathan’s siblings are Natalie Hawke, Rachael Ward, Micheal Carpio, Nathan, Glen Hawke, & Rohan Oakley. Nathan talked to David Clark about overcoming his “gunja smoking days”…  Click here to read more >


Vivienne’s Story

Vivienne is a proud Noongar woman from the Ballardong language group. She was born in Collie and grew up in the wheat belt town of York on the Native Reserve referred to as the “York Reserve”.

Vivienne grew up on the reserve  with her mother Pearl and six siblings, Eldest brother Phillip Narkle, hereslf (Vivienne Narkle), Meryl  Goodwin (nee Narkle) Audrey Nettle (nee Narkle)… Click here to read more >


Glen’s Story

Glen Dixon is the 5th child born to Gordon Dixon and Betty Dixon nee(Hunter). Glen is one of eight children and was born, and grew up in Broome, Western Australia his tribal background is Bardi, Yaru and the Jabir-Jabir people from the coastal areas around Broome.
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