Our Programs

Kinship Connections offers a number of comprehensive programs, support and training to assist people involved with the Department for Child Protection and Family Support (CPFS, formerly DCP) and children in the CEO’s care.

When children are taken into the care by CPFS they are known as “children in the CEO’s care”. In the past, they were known as “State Wards”. CEO’s care means children in the care of the Chief Executive Officer of CPFS. The current Director General is Emma White.

Kinship Connections offers five inter-related programs that support Aboriginal people and the wider community.

These programs are:

  1. Standing Strong: To assist young people who may be struggling with their Aboriginality to understand how to connect with their Aboriginal Families, Communities and Culture.
  2. Who’s My Mob?: To help Aboriginal people identify who their birth families are.
  3. Finding Families: To identify the best “relative/kinship carer” to provide a  safe and secure home for the young person. 
  4. Solid Parents: To prepare and support parents for pre-unification with their children.
  5. Cultural Competency: To equip staff and carers with the knowledge and skills to be culturally sensitive and culturally respectful when working with the Aboriginal community.

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