Finding Families

Involving the extended family in the life of a child in care gives them a sense of their own history and builds resilience and a sense of belonging. It is common knowledge that many Aboriginal children have been kept away from their family networks and this often has a devastating effect on their social and emotional wellbeing in the long-term.

To assist CPFS in finding these safe family connections, Kinship Connections WA (KCWA) has developed a program called “Finding Families”. This program involves the collaboration of the Aboriginal community and the community around them, in locating and assessing the child’s family and extended families. KCWA uses cultural family mapping and competency-based safety assessment tools to seek and find safe family members who have the capacity and suitability to care for these children as a Respite, Short or Long term placement.

  • Respite Care is caring for a child on the weekends or school holidays.
  • Short Term Care can be for up to two years.
  • Long Term Care is until the child is an adult.

If you have a relative whose children have been taken into care and would like to offer them a safe home, please contact KCWA.

Click here to submit your details to us through our referral form.

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