Solid Parents

Solid Parents assists parents that may have intergenerational trauma which is a form of historical trauma that is transmitted across generations.

Specialized staff at Kinship Connections Aboriginal Corporation will work with parents and help them to heal from their past and give them hope for their future so when unification with their children takes place, the parents are better equipped to take on the care of their children.

Kinship Connections offers advocacy and support to parents or families who may be experiencing difficulties communicating with the Department for Child Protection and Family Support (CPFS).

KCWA works closely with The Family Inclusion Network of Western Australia Inc. (Fin WA Inc.) to ensure that the concerns of families/parents are heard and addressed by the Department.

If you would like further information or support regarding the following, please contact KCWA or FINWA:

  • Understanding court orders.
  • Preparing for upcoming meetings with the Department.
  • Negotiating contact arrangements.
  • Facilitating contact with a relative child or children in care.
  • Understanding the Department’s processes.
  • Understanding your rights as parents.

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