Cultural Competency is offered to staff working within the Aboriginal community, to Non-Aboriginal carers and Non-Government Organisations (NGO) managing carer placements.

KCWA offers cultural competence training equipping staff with knowledge and skills to be culturally sensitive and culturally respectful when working with the Aboriginal community.

This is a great tool for assessors who are assessing potential carers of Aboriginal children to ensure that the carers can meet their legal obligation to the “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child placement principle” under the Children and Community Services Act 2004.

Cultural competence is the capacity to work effectively with people from a variety of ethnic, cultural, political, economic, and religious backgrounds. It is being aware and respectful of the values, beliefs, traditions, customs, and parenting styles of others, while understanding that there is often a wide a range of differences within the Aboriginal communities. It is being aware of how our own culture influences how we view others.




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